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Our Story

Designed to inspire feel-good moments of confidence and joy, Spiffy & Splendid encourages women to embrace a new level of confidence.

Spiffy & Splendid is a handcrafted jewelry company that prioritizes quality as a whole - from the product we produce to the relationships we build with vendors and customers. We offer styles that are vibrant and fashion-forward for the modern woman with an on-the-go lifestyle. We go above and beyond for our customers to deliver the S&S experience that reminds women how to embrace a new level of confidence.

Our mission is to bring joy to women through affordable, trendy, quality jewelry that inspires a renewed sense of confidence.
We specialize in comfortable, quality styles to make every woman feel spiffy and splendid!
Spiffy: fashionable, stylish & trendy
Splendid: fabulous, wonderful & beautiful

Founder, Emily Spencer, created her business to fill the need of a flexible work schedule so she could stay home with their son and have another baby in the future.  She has always been drawn to fashion and accessorizing, so pursuing something she was passionate about that allowed her to explore her creativity was the perfect fit. She loves what accessories can do to elevate your look and boost your confidence…like adding the finishing touch! She enjoys continually playing with different materials to see what can be mixed together to create the perfect combinations! Emily designs our custom styles to be unique, because so are you, and we believe your pieces should reflect that. 

Fast forward to today, and what once was a one-woman show is now a family-operated business run by Emily and her husband, Bryan, along with a team of local women hand-crafting the jewelry. We employ local women in our community who need a flexible work/life balance to make our jewelry so they can provide for their families while staying home. It’s important to us to help women improve their quality of life whether it’s with opportunity or feeling like their most beautiful selves.



S&S accessories are handcrafted by local women with hypoallergenic materials. We think about how these earrings will be worn throughout the day and for many seasons to come so we craft earrings that last and that are comfortable and accessible to the everyday woman. 


The S&S collections can best be described as fashion-forward, vibrant, and on-trend. Our styles are crafted for the modern woman who is likely juggling many titles making her days busy so her accessories need to be trendy, but flexible for her lifestyle. 


Above all, we value the relationship we have with our customers and wholesalers. Our response times are efficient, our shipping times are fast, and every time an order is received, it’s full of excitement and joy inside.

A little about our Founder, Emily Spencer:

Emily lives in Fishers, Indiana with her family. She and her husband (and now business partner), Bryan, met at Indiana University, and their favorite date night consists of pizza and arcade games. Her two children are what inspired the company and continue to motivate her. She explored multiple outlets for her company from crochet to inspirational glass jewelry before she landed here. Her creativity, love of design and entrepreneurial spirit are what fuel everything you see behind the brand.