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Collection: Rainbow Dream

Introducing our Rainbow Dream Collection: A whimsical earring collection that invites you into a world of pastel perfection. This dreamy assortment is a celebration of soft, colorful hues, reminiscent of the colors that grace the sky during a serene sunset.
From the stunning blush of morning pinks to the tranquil serenity of sky blues, and the soothing warmth of sunset yellows, the rainbow palette creates a sense of a pastel-hued daydream.
Elevate your look with earrings that add a pop of color and make any day magical.
16 products
  • Flora Hoops - Pastel Rainbow
  • Posey Hoops - Lime Green
  • Cameron Hoops - Iridescent Neon
  • Cameron Hoops - Rainbow Delight
  • Kate Studs - Lime Green
  • Flower Studs - Pastel
  • Margot Earrings - Pastel Rainbow
  • Raya Earrings - Pastel Rainbow
  • Ophelia Earrings - Iridescent Neon
  • Delilah Earrings - Pastel Rainbow
  • Maisy Earrings - Lime Green
  • Irene Earrings - Iridescent Neon
  • Iris Earrings Large - Iridescent Neon
  • Zoey Earrings - Rainbow Delight
  • Poppy Earrings - Rainbow Delight Surprise
  • Catherine Hair Claw - Iridescent Neon