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Collection: Resort

Introducing our Resort Collection: Explore the World in Style with Resort Wear-Inspired Earrings
Escape to a world of luxury and relaxation with our Resort Collection. Inspired by the elegance and sophistication of resort wear, this carefully curated collection of earrings will transport you to exotic destinations and infuse your style with a touch of glamour.

Each earring in our Resort Collection is designed to capture the essence of a tropical getaway, bringing the perfect blend of comfort and style to your wardrobe. Whether you're lounging beside the pool, sipping cocktails beachside, exploring the vibrant streets of a charming coastal town, or let's be real...just wishing you were!, our earrings will elevate your look to new heights.
24 products
  • Carmen Hair Claw - Sea Green
  • Ariel Earrings - Seashell
  • Mini Belize Earrings - Ivory
  • Belize Earrings - Ivory
  • Lana Earrings - Light Rattan
  • Kate Studs - Aquamarine
  • Starfish Studs - Ivory
  • Posey Hoops - Sandy Beach
  • Camy Hoops - Aquamarine
  • Camy Hoops - Pebble
  • Rebecca Earrings - Sea Green
  • Isabella Earrings - Sea Green
  • Camy Hoops - Sea Green
  • Palm Earrings - Seashell
  • Raya Earrings - Sandstone
  • Margot Earrings - Sandstone
  • Zoey Earrings - Sandstone
  • Monstera Leaf Studs
  • Cam Mini Hoops - Sandstone
  • Posey Hoops - Aquamarine